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In an interview there are a handful of questions which are used to decide who gets through to the second interview stage, and ultimately who gets the job. The process we use captures the answers to those questions on video enabling a candidate to provide valuable supporting evidence.

The video interview is highly structured and focuses on the selection criteria and job competencies. By asking evidence based questions to the candidate, they can provide precise answers of how their experience / skill / background matches the role applied for.

The video evidence is not however used in isolation. It is used as an introduction tool complementing the CV, and combined with a skilled interviewers appraisal and psychometric testing (if required).

The result is that five candidates can be presented to a recruiting manager in under an hour. With the advancements on the Internet this process can be viewed on-line utilising 128 bit encryption.

For the Recruiting Manager and Organisation video interviewing will help:

    Produce major savings in both management time and cost

    Produce major savings in administration time and cost

    Allow candidates to be screened by multiple departments

    Allow senior management remote ‘buy in’

    Reduce turnover and increase retention

    Provide evidence for a ‘Training Needs Analysis’

    Ensure ‘Best Practice’ is applied to  the recruitment process

    Reduce the logistical problems of diary Coordination

    Provide Candidates with a ‘Realistic Job Preview’

    Apply ‘Best Practice’

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